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My take on hyuna and e'dawn dating and what it means for cube entertainment patreon follow me instagram: http://instagram. K-pop stars hyuna and pentagon’s e’dawn have been in a relationship for two years k-pop stars hyuna and pentagon’s e’dawn have been in a relationship for two years according to yonhap news according to hyuna, they started dating in may 2016 after meeting e’dawn when he was a trainee. Hyuna continued, i got to know e'dawn when he was a trainee and we performed on stage together, and then we started dating in may of 2016 back in 2015, e'dawn performed a stage of hyuna's roll.

ㅡ hyuna & e’dawn hyuna has opened up about their past and her resolution to continue doing her best for their fans “i got to know e’dawn when he was a trainee and since becoming friends after performing together, we began dating in may 2016. Article: pentagon, just '2 years' into debut but already 4 dating scandals source: sports chosun via naver 1 [+2,352, -38] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ hyuna spent 11 years of her career quietly and this is her first dating scandal the other members should've been more careful. Pentagon member e’dawn and hyuna recently made it public, after rumors of their connection began blowing up, that the two of them were dating while this may come as a pleasant surprise for many people, netizens have found out that pentagon fans already knew that the two were an item, but kept. Triple h members hyuna and e’dawn have been swept up in dating rumors on august 2, news outlet tv report said that the two have been dating for several months e’dawn’s birthday is june 1.

Triple h members hyuna and e’dawn have officially confirmed that they’re dating the pair had denied their relationship when reports announced the news on august 2, but on august 3, yonhap. Edit 1: hyuna's instagram post a summary of events: hyojong (e'dawn's stage real name) and hyuna have revealed that they have been dating for two years they are revealing this because they want to be more honest with fans this is the first time hyuna has been in a public relationship since her debut in 2007. Hyuna confirmed they were dating on her instagram after claiming she didn’t feel comfortable lying to her fans whilst we’re living for the dj caspar reference, fans are understandably more concerned about e’dawn’s main band ‘pentagon’ and some are holding hyuna personally responsible for his expulsion.

Adding on, hyuna, e'dawn and yan an, will not be a part of the upcoming incheon k-pop concert 2018 (ink concert) after the dating news broke out, hyuna and e'dwan's description of ideal type is receiving attention. Hyuna’s agency has denied rumors that the singer is dating e’dawn, a fellow member of mixed-gender pop trio triple h dating rumors between the two swirled after a report by korean online. Hyuna & e'dawn confirmed they are dating cube tried it but queen hyuna and e'dawn have confirmed the rumors and not only months but for 2 years may their love prosper uwu thanks for.

Just over a month after hyuna and e’dawn confirmed that they’re dating, the k-pop stars have been let go from their record label, cube entertainment read the statement here “cube. Music, film, tv and political news coverage hyuna and e'dawn are just one example of the meticulous design and control of the k-pop entertainment machine k-pop is so strict, it fired two stars. Seoul, aug 3 (yonhap) -- k-pop diva hyuna has confirmed that she has been dating a member of her project group for two years hyuna and e'dawn, one of the two male members of the k-pop trio. Hyuna and e’dawn’s situation has brought the entire k-pop industry’s stance on dating under a microscope with reports from several publications, including the bbc and new york times there is also a lot of criticism around cube entertainment’s management abilities.

  • Hyuna then shared, i got to know e'dawn when he was a trainee and we performed on stage together, and then we started dating in may of 2016 back in 2015, e'dawn joined hyuna onstage to perform.
  • Fans of cube entertainment artists are in for a lot of shocking news today lets start by the biggest, hyuna and e’dawn dating news the couple had previously sparked rumors of dating they’re part of the co-ed trio triple h.

Hyuna & jay park - friends ( or couple) _____ at the end of 2015, jay park was launching his promotional videos of his newest album and news came and surprised fans by raising expectations for the mv 'you know' by jay park because it was to feature hyuna and so i decided to make this post about their friendship. The couple, with pentagon’s hui, were in the middle of promoting their most recent triple h album at the time, and both triple h and pentagon’s activities were affected after the dating news. Hyuna, who has 75 million followers on instagram, posted a message explaining her decision to go public after the news broke she took screenshots of a korean article about her relationship with.

Hyuna dating news
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